Mar 8,2023

Every Women's Clothing Supplier Must Know these Top Color Combinations

The world would have been really sad if there were no colors in it. Each color has its own significance, which also reflects the nature of that color. In addition, colors play a key role in enhancing the personality of a woman. From calm to striking colors, all the shades have their significance in the clothing. So, if you are a women's clothing supplier, you must know the demand and worth of each shade. Every shade has its power in each season. If you sell the wrong color combination in a season, you may experience a downfall in demand or no growth at all. A women shirt seller knows what color combination women want. According to the seasons and preferences of customers, they use color dyes. To make it understandable, we have some colors and their combinations women mostly like.  

Blue/Purple with White

In summer what most pacifies a mind is white and blue colors. If women are going to wear 

white shirts with blue or purple pants/trousers this will give a striking look. Whether it is formal or casual attire, both will be perfectly suitable for summer. Sunlight will hardly affect them since white color can reflect sunlight, which keeps the clothes cool. Young and middle-aged women can choose these colors for events. Likewise, both purple and blue have different shades, which you can try however you like.  

White with Red

When you wish to combine royal and appealing colors, white and red are top choices. Women love to make a combination of these two colors in different shades as per their preference. For instance, they prefer a white blouse with a red skirt or vice versa. It is a classic and also an evergreen combination in any kind of dress. Whether it is a blouse with a skirt or a white maxi dress with a red belt, every dress looks to be irresistible. Likewise, a white wrap dress with a red belt will be a prime dress for any event.  

Brown/Sage with White/Black

Winters are all about jackets, mufflers, and sweaters. A black jacket with brown pants gives a warm look for any event. Similarly, a brown coat with black pair of jeans will give a powerful impression. Also, women love to wear a white dress with a black coat. This combination of two extreme sides will captivate all the eyes. That is why a black, sage or brown leather jacket can be worn with a full black or white suit. Mostly, it is suitable for formal dressing in corporate events.

Pink with Light Blue/Green

An all-time color, pink, can never be skipped when it comes to women's clothing. For a wrap dress or a jumper, the pink color always works. Moreover, navy or sky blue can be a complementary color to pink. It will be a combination of two mild colors for serene attire. It can be worn by every age of females since there is no age restriction of fashion on this combination. Similarly, a pink shirt/blouse with dark green pants is also a nice combination for teens and middle-aged women. In winter, women transform it into a pink jumper with a green scarf and blue trousers. All three calm colors are together. 

Blue with Orange

The most energetic color with a pacific color can make summers great. We are talking about orange and sky blue. Women also love to wear orange with dark blue because it gives a 70’s look. What makes this combination super cool is a blue jumper with an orange shirt. Girls and teenagers love to wear this combo in the evening. Likewise, if we talk about adults, an orange upper with a blue pair of jeans will be fine work attire. Otherwise, an orange wrap dress with a blue belt will be great for a party or occasion. These colors are mostly for the spring and summer seasons.

Yellow with Purple/Pink

A sour and energetic color with another pacific color, which is yellow and purple/pink color. Different shades are available in both pink and purple to make a fine combo with yellow. For instance, a yellow shirt or blouse with a pink skirt will make great attire for a Sunday outing. If it is about winter, a yellow jacket with purple pants will be really eye-catching. They also give a floral appearance to the person who is wearing them.

Grey/Orange with Yellow

When you pick two neighboring colors, it is a really nice option. A yellow coat/shirt with orange pants will make a great summer outfit. Sunshine looks for a sunny day will be there. If it is about winter, a grey coat with a yellow skirt or pants will be a funky outlook women love to wear. Besides, a full yellow maxi or wrap dress with a grey belt will be one of the most astounding attire.

Sea Green with Orange/White

Too much heat will melt down everything except a dress of sea green and white color. Wearing a sea green top with a white bottom will be an eye-pleasing attire. Whether it is a shirt with pants or a blouse with a skirt, every dress will be looking strikingly-amazing in these colors. Women also wish to wear orange color with a light/sea green shade for a regular sunny day. Both are light shades for summer and spring.  

There are many other colors, which are also in demand but these were the most prominent ones. You can explore more and try meeting the hue of each color for women's clothing.

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